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Past Research of Psychology Students

Developing tomorrow’s breakthroughs in psychological studies.

Adelphi psychology undergraduates have the opportunity to conduct original research alongside our expert faculty. Students may work with professors on developing new theories or testing existing ones. Every spring, students are invited to showcase their scholarship at Adelphi’s Annual Research Conference. Psychology undergraduates also have traveled to regional conferences.

You will find here a listing of recent student research projects.

Student Research Topics

Jessica Alcaraz

*Raising a Thinking Child: Associations with Family Emotional Expressiveness and the Pro-social Behavior of Children.

Alexis Buckheit

Introversion and Extroversion and its Relationship to Mate Selection.

Jessica Buthmann *Attachment Style Moderates the Association Between Relationship Status Change and Mental Health.

Adam Clark

Trauma and narrative: An objective analysis.

Brittany Colon

Cyberbullying: A Qualitative Solution to End the Problem Amongst Adolescent Females.    .

Geena DiGuilio

Object Relations of Hospitalized Adolescents Engaged in Self-injurious Behaviors

Jessica Emanu Associations Between Mother-Infant Attachment Security, Parental Respect for Autonomy, and the Development of Disordered Eating Attitudes in Adolescence.
Chelsea Huttner Personality and Relationships.
Crista Gallo *Brief Subliminal Exposure to Feared Stimulus Promoting Approach in Spider Phobic Individuals.

Jason Gargano

Investigating if Misconceptions Can Be Prevented By Using a Proactive Analogy.

Brendan Graziano

The Effects of Subliminal Exposure of Spiders on Arachnophobics: A Preliminary Analysis

Ah Kim **Perceiving Wisdom and Dependency in Faces: the “Buddha Effect” and Other Stereotypes.
Ariana Lenox Short-term Memory of Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Christina Marini

To Commute or Not To Commute: Attachment Style and Well-Being in First-Year Students

Shira Mechanic

Deconstructing Gender Differences in Interpersonal Dependency: Impact of Pre-Test Prime on Free-Response Dependency Scores

Cassandra Papandrew Interhemispheric Connectivity and Subthreshold Autism Traits in Healthy Adults.
Samra Redzematovic Aspirations and Achievement: The Relationship Between Athletic Aspirations and Achievement in 6th Grade Standardized Literacy Test Scores.

Rachel Robles

Stress, Depressive Symptoms and the Moderating Effects of Social Support

Jonathan Singer **The Interplay of Physical and Emotional Dependency in Older Adults.

Hara Stephanou

***Development of an Observational Coding System for Parent-Child Interactions During a Joint Story-Telling Activity.
Shareefa Wallace Special Education in the Caribbean Region.
Geelita Williams Exploring Differences in Student Perceptions of Campus Physical and Mental Health Services.

*Awarded Best Poster Presentation in Psychology, Adelphi Research Conference
**Awarded Best Oral Presentation in Psychology, Adelphi Research Conference
**Awarded Best Paper Presentation in Psychology, Adelphi Research Conference

To request further information on these topics, please contact:

Katherine Fiori, Ph.D.
Chair of Undergraduate Psychology Program
Associate Professor, Derner School of Psychology
Blodgett Hall, Room 208
p – 516.877.4739
e –


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