Doctoral Psychology Internship Training

Intensive, practical experience in clinical psychology.

For detailed information, please consult the Internship Consortium Handbook (PDF). 

This section provides doctoral candidates with an introduction to procedures and requirements pertaining to internship training. The doctoral program trains clinical psychologists who are competent to work with patients from diverse backgrounds, across the lifespan and with different presenting mental health problems and adjustments to life situations. This involves providing a broad academic, clinical and research training that builds on the strengths trainees bring with them, and on skills acquired while progressing through the program. Through a sequence of graded and increasingly complex clinical training experiences beginning in the first year, progressing through two externships, and ending with the internship, the program aims to equip trainees with the core competencies and skills deemed necessary for independent practice as a clinical psychologist. 

A required and important part of this training regimen, the internship gives trainees exposure to a range of clinical problems, in different settings with a variety of assessment and therapeutic approaches, in a complex and intensive manner. During the internships, trainees are expected to learn to make theory-practice links and apply the knowledge learned in the course of academic teaching, and approach competency at the level that qualifies them for independent practice upon receiving the doctoral degree.

The internship is an exciting and challenging time in the development of a psychologist. This page will provide you with an overview of the internship application procedures. It will serve as a valuable introduction as you begin preparations. Beginning in the spring of the year before you apply, the director of field placements will introduce the application process to you and provide a timeline for making your way through the process from beginning to end. At anchor points along the way, the director will meet with you and provide you with updated supplemental information. 

The program’s policy is that whenever possible, all students will complete APA accredited internships. In recognition of the fact that the national internship imbalance poses obstacles to this goal, we encourage students to apply to Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) listed sites that are unaccredited as well. In internship training year 2013-2014, the doctoral program began an affiliated Internship, the Derner Institute Internship Consortium. The Internship attained APPIC membership in 2013 and APA accreditation in 2016. Only Derner students are considered as applicants to the Derner Internship in Phase I of the Match; unfilled positions are open to qualified students from other APA-Accredited Doctoral Programs in Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology in Phase II of the Match and in the post-match vacancy period For detailed information, please consult the Derner Institute Internship Consortium Handbook (PDF).
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