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Doctoral Psychology Practicum Training

Readying you for research and clinical practice.

There are two sequences to practicum training in the doctoral program: (1) Practical experiences devoted to clinical practice and (2) those devoted to conducting research.

The doctoral program’s primary clinical training facility is the onsite Center for Psychological Services. It exists to provide patient services and doctoral training in a setting where students may acquire clinical competencies through intensively supervised clinical activities. The director, a full-time administrative coordinator and graduate assistants staff the center. In practice, the center is the hub of clinical training where, in each of the four years of residence, every student engages in clinical activities. These activities consist of intake and disposition in the first year, and diagnostic assessment in the second. Psychotherapy is required in the third year and elective in the second and fourth years. Having the center integral to all phases of clinical training provides an opportunity for the faculty to observe students formally, as well as informally, as they acquire increasingly complex and demanding professional skills. The center also offers extracurricular events and clinical presentations from program faculty and outside experts on a variety of topics, which students may initiate throughout training. All clinical work at the center is under the supervision of the doctoral faculty.

In addition to its primary function as the clinical training arm of the program, the center is a research training facility. The center maintains a clinical database wherein data on patients in treatment are archived and made available for student and faculty research. Recently, the University has provided financial support for the establishment of a technological infrastructure to study service delivery and training currently in our clinic psychological services. The clinic is equipped with mobile devices to collect phenomenological data (attitudes and perceptions) reported by patient and clinician on the service provided, as well as clinician and supervisor on the training conducted. The content of these self-report measures will generally concern diagnostic status, symptomatology, level of functioning, personality and interpersonal process. In addition to quantitative data, the self-report measures will also yield narrative-based, qualitative data. The studios in the clinic will be set up for video recording capacity that will be stored on a secure network server, along with phenomenological data. The video recordings will allow for observer-based assessment of the clinician-patient interactional process, including quality and impact of service provided. With the development of our clinic as a research training facility, the aim is to increase student awareness of the integrated and mutually enhancing functions of clinical and research activities. 

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