Undergraduate Psychology Transfers

Welcome to Adelphi. We’re glad you’re thinking of transferring here.

It’s hardly unusual for transfer students to arrive at Adelphi with varied academic backgrounds. That’s why we’re here to assist you through the transfer process, ensuring the best experience possible. Schedule a meeting with a member of our faculty to review completed coursework. The Admissions Office will give you a list of acceptable transfer credits, which you will need to bring to that meeting. In the meantime, here are a few noteworthy changes that apply to transfer students:

  • Transfer students with at least 30 credits but less than 60 credits are exempt from Freshman Seminar and Freshman Orientation. However, they need to meet English Composition, Secondary Competency, and Distribution requirements.
  • Transfer students with 60 or more credits must meet Composition and Distribution requirements, either with appropriate transfer credits or Adelphi courses. They are exempt from Freshman Seminar, Orientation, and 2nd Competency requirements.
  • The Distribution requirement consists of 24 credits, which are fulfilled with six credits in each of the following areas: Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences.

We strongly recommend that transfer students take the central courses in psychology at Derner. These include Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Perception and Behavior Modification.

Transfer students must submit their application to the Admissions Office at Adelphi University. The Admissions Office will determine acceptance and evaluate the applicant’s academic record to decide which courses are acceptable and which General Education courses still need to be taken.

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