Derner School of Psychology Leadership


Jacques P. Barber, PhD, ABPP
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J. Christopher Muran, Ph.D.J. Christopher Muran, PhD
Associate Dean
Director of Clinical Training
Hy Weinberg, Room 303
p – 516.877.4803
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Errol Rodriguez, Ph.D., CRCErrol Rodriguez, PhD, CRC
Assistant Dean and Director of General Masters Program and Mental Health Counseling
Hy Weinberg Center, Room 320
p – 516.237.8572
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Katherine FioriKatherine Fiori, PhD
Chair of Undergraduate Psychology Program
Associate Professor
Blodgett Hall, Room 208
p – 516.877.4739
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Ionas Sapountzis, Ph.D.Ionas Sapountzis, PhD
Director of the School Psychology Masters Program
Hy Weinberg, Room 311
p – 516.877.4743
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Jonathan Jackson, Ph.D. Jonathan Jackson, PhD
Director of the Center for Psychological Services and Field Training
Hy Weinberg, Room 318
p – 516.877.4823
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Amira Simha-Alpern, PhD
Director, Postgraduate Programs in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Hy Weinberg, Room 327
p – 516.877.4826
p – 516.877.4805
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Jennifer I. Durham, PsyD
Director of School Psychology PsyD Program
Hy Weinberg, Room 321
p – 516.877.4852
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Robert Farrell
Director of Postgraduate Psychotherapy Center
Coordinator of Extension Programs
Hy Weinberg, Room 325
p – 516.877.4841
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Janet Baronian
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Hy Weinberg, Room 302
p – 516.877.4801
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Kathy Bishop
Administrative Assistant
Hy Weinberg, Room 317
p – 516.877.4543
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p – 516.877.4800