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Cultivating future discoveries in research and practice.

Our current and recent doctoral students are passionate about their dissertation and research topics. Peruse some of their areas of focus.

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  • Fifth Year Students

    • Name Advisor Dissertation Topic Internship
      Alison Baxter Kate Szymanski

      The Interaction Between Personality, Coping Style, and Recovery from Sexual Trauma.

      UMDNJ/UBHC/NJ Medical School
      Newark, Adult Forensic Track

      Alexis Briggie Mark Hilsenroth

      Patient Attitudes towards Videotaping as They Relate to Symptomatology and Treatment Outcomes.

      Beth Israel Medical Center

      Matthew Camporese

      Joel Weinberger

      Do Different Levels of Subliminality Yield Qualitatively Different Results? Expanding on Neely.

      Nassau University Medical Center

      Justin Clavadetscher

      Kate Szymanski  

      North Bronx Healthcare, Jacobi Medical Center

      Naama DeLaFontaine

      Kate Szymanski

      Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Social Support and the Role of Ideology as Evident in the War Narratives of Israeli Soldiers.

      Yale University-Child Study Center
      Rudolph Francin Joel Weinberger

      Implicit Prejudice as Assessed Via the Emotional Stroop Online.

      Wilford Hall Medical Center/Lackland Air Force Base

      Tiffany Frank Rebecca Curtis Relationships of siblings as adults South Nassau Communities Hospital

      Meaghan Lehman

      Mark Hilsenroth

      Evaluating Pre-treatment Patient Insight as a Factor in Early Therapeutic Technique.

      Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Adolescent Health Center

      Jason Mayotte-Blum Mark Hilsenroth

      Mixed Method Examination of Therapeutic Immediacy in a Case Study of Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

      Emory University Counseling Center
      Sonia Mbabazi Francine Conway

      Parental Bonding as a Predictor of Maternal Care in African American and Caribbean Women.


      Chelsey Mendelsohn

      Joel Weinberger   North Bronx Healthcare
      Kate Milano Rebecca Curtis

      Diagnosis of Borderline Personality as Affected by Gender and Race.

      Hui-Mei Nan  Wilma Bucci    
      Leah Nicholls Carolyn Springer    
      Maria Oster Francine Conway

      Do They See What I See: The Object Relational World of Children with ADHD.

      NY Harbor VA Medical Center
      Monica Pal Francine Conway

      Mixing Salt and Pepper: The Complexities of the Multiethnic Individual.

      Long Island Jewish/Zucker-Hillside
       Justin Penner Laura DeRose

      Investigation of Early Life Experiences (Parent Child Relationships, Premorbid Neurodevelopmental Markers) Involved in the Development of Psychopathology and Mental Illness Later in Adolescence.

      Amy Smith Robert Bornstein    
       Natasha Stovall Laura DeRose Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment; Mismatches Between Parent and Child Attachment Status and the Role of the Parent-Child Relationship, and the Effects of Unresolved Loss and Trauma on Parenting and Adult Attachment.  
      Melanie Podsiadlo     Rutgers University Counseling Center
      Guy Ravits     Manhattan Psychiatric Center
      Sutee Techara Laura DeRose

      Extracurricular Participation and Adolescent Mental Health: Risk and Protective Factors

      Mercyfirst-Abuse Treatment
      Maria Wedin Joel Weinberger

      fMRI and Eye Tracking of Spider Fearful Individuals Before and After Subliminal Exposure Treatment

      Margot Weil Mark Hilsenroth Saying Goodbye: Patient and Therapist Interactions During the Final Sessions of Psychotherapy. NY Psychoanalytic Institute
      Daniel Winarick     New York Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Fourth Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
      Franz Buker Joel Weinberger Terror management theory as a factor in increasing ethnocentrism and nationalism. Also the effect of merger fantasies in reducing these variables.  
      Gabriella Cardona Karen Lombardi Narratives of maternal loss—women who lost mothers before adulthood; narratives of post-partum depression.  
      David Castro Karen Lombardi Psychoanalysis, Lacan, child development, continental philosophy, cultural studies, philosophy of cyberspace and studies in post-humanism.  
      Wei-Jean Chung Robert Bornstein The two-way, cause-and-effect relationship between personality styles and treatment outcome. A Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility
      Nancy Dejean Francine Conway Haitian mosiac: Can exposure to the arts mediate negative socioemotional experiences.  
      Christy Denckla Robert Bornstein Risk and resilience in the context of bereavement and trauma.  
      Diana Hofshi Robert Bornstein   Columbia University College of Medical Psychology in Psychiatry
      Terri Houston Carolyn Springer Resilience in African-American Women and parent/child dyads.  
      Catherine Kauffman Joe Newirth Creative processes in visual artists using Rorschach and text measures. The Village Institute
      Margaret Klein Kate Szymanski Psychological consequences of witnessing a romantic partner’s psychotic episode. National Institute for the Psychotherapies
      Schenike Massie Francine Conway Anything but the ring: African American men, intimacy, and marriage.  
      Amy McCue Chris Muran Psychotherapy research with special focus on the alliance construct. Barnard College Counseling Center
      Jaysree Roberts Rebecca Curtis Creativity in the therapist and use of diverse interventions.  
      Avihay Sanders Kate Szymanski Functioning of siblings of mentally ill. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Laura Shapiro Francine Conway Do bereaved children grow into nonbereaved adults?: The impact of childhood parental loss on adulthood.  
      Jocelyn Shaw Wilma Bucci Language and movement in early development and affect regulation. Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NY Presbyterian
      Susanna Stephens Joe Newirth Anorexia and the capacity for symbolic thought.  
      Jason Stobbs Kate Szymanski Trauma exposure and diagnosticity in international humanitarian aid workers. National Institute for the Psychotherapies
      Valentina Stoycheva Joel Weinberger Examining whether patients’ positive view of the therapist and treatment can be fostered via implicit channels. Alice Brown Early Learning Center
      Jessica Wolman Joe Newirth Language and the subjective experience of Aliveness and Deadness in the therapeutic process. National Institute for the Psychotherapies
  • Third Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
      Duygu Arac Michael O’Loughlin Stigma and psychosis. Manhattan Psychiatric Center
      Eilon Atar Karen Lombardi Queer, feminist, and anti-dialectical psychoanalysis. National Institute for the Psychotherapies
      Annette Attolini Smithers Larry Josephs Dark Triad and personality disorders. Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP). Bellevue Hospital
      Marie Barnett Francine Conway Psychosocial aspects of survivorship in adolescent and young adult cancer survivor. Maimonides Medical Center
      Sevan Basil Joe Newirth Study of the effect of therapist values on psychotherapy process. Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
      Michael Buls Francine Conway Use of the Rorschach in support of bipolar diagnosis in children. SUNY Old Westury
      Kristen Capps Kate Fiori Exploratory review of national survey of child and adolescent well-being data; relationship between insession patient crying behavior and therapeutic interventions. Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center
      Benjamin Feld Laura DeRose Inter-parental conflict and its effects on adolescent outcomes. The New School Counseling Center
      Meredith Friedson Michael O’Loughlin Qualitative exploration into intractable depression. Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center
      Erica Geraci Michael O’Loughlin Qualitative exploration into psychosis. Creedmoor Psychiatric
      Chloe Goldstein Kate Szymanski Mentalization in substance abuser with a history of trauma. Metropolitan Center for Mental Health
      Avigail Gordon Karen Lombardi Trauma, attachment, personality. Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Service
      Clara Hungr Chris Muran Interpersonal characteristics of the patient and impact on therapeutic alliance, process, and outcome. Brooklyn College Personal Wellness Center
      Stephanie Lyon Francine Conway A retrospective exploration of stress and trauma experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adolescents. The Child and Family Institute at St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospital Center
      Charla Ruby Malamed Michael O’Loughlin Transmission of narrative and impact on relationships; Nature of consciousness, wilderness and ecopsychology, depth and Jungian psychologies. National Institute for the Psychotherapies
      Barbara Ann McLeod Robert Bornstein How gender-role socialization mediates conscious/unconscious beliefs and behavior associated with interpersonal dependency. The Village Institute
      Anthony Mullin Mark Hilsenroth The relationship between patient pre-treatment object relations functioning and psychodynamic techniques early in treatment. The Child Mind Institute
      Emily Singer Joel Weinberger The relationship between unconscious merger fantasies and anxiety. Lincoln Hospital 7B-105
      Sumru Tufekcioglu Chris Muran Psychotherapy research, personality disorders, therapeutic alliance. Maimonides Hospital; POSA Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Second Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
      Robert Bailey Chris Muran Predicting non-response to treatment and treatment development. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Trisha Balbert Robert Bornstein Counter-dependence as a defense against dependency needs. Beth Israel Medical Center
      S. Hazel Collins Karen Lombardi Ego-syntonic self-hate, the processes underlying the perceived shedding of old identities, and spatial metaphors in psychoanalytic theory. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Sarah Bloch-Elkouby Chris Muran Treatment deterioration in psychotherapy. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Sophia Dixon Chris Muran Developing a contemporary TAT which can be used with diverse populations. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Rachel Goldman Mark Hilsenroth Psychotherapy integration and alliance: Use of cognitive-behavioral techniques within a short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment model Beth Israel Medical Center
      Sarah Jofen-Miller Kate Fiori How couples navigate division of labor across the transition to parenthood: Effects on marital wellbeing. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Jeffrey Kalman Francine Conway ADHD/CD and aggression in African-American and Latino hospitalized children. Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Michael Kestenbaum Laura DeRose Emotional regulation and social withdrawal in middle childhood and adolescence. Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Jody Klaus Joseph Newirth   Beth Israel Medical Center
      June Lee Kwon Robert Bornstein Personality disorders, personality theory, women’s psychology, and multicultural psychology. Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Jennifer Marion Karen Lombardi Subjectivity/identity in transgendered individuals. Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Deborah Siegel Mark Hilsenroth A safe place: Process and technique factors associated with patient ratings of session safety. Columbia University Medical Center
      Jackson Taylor Chris Muran The role of cultural factors in the therapeutic relationship. Beth Israel Medical Center
      Laura Grace Tittel Larry Josephs Marital communication style and empathy Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Nell Ugwumba Laura DeRose Bullying and victimhood as predictors of academic commitment across adolescence Beth Israel Medical Center
      Ariel Ursitti Laura DeRose Insecure attachment development in children of parents with OCPD Bronx Psychiatric Center
      Ljiljana Zecevic Kate Szymanski Mental representation of self and others in suicidal individuals. Beth Israel Medical Center
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