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Student Research

Cultivating future discoveries in research and practice.

Our current and recent doctoral students are passionate about their dissertation and research topics. Peruse some of their areas of focus.

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  • Fourth Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship

      Trisha Balbert

      Dr. Robert Bornstein Counter-dependence as a defense against dependency needs. Beth Israel Medical Center

      S. Hazel Collins

      Dr. Karen Lombardi

      - Temporality as experienced in psychotherapy, dreams and literature.

      - Effects of long term relationships with birth family members on adopted persons following reunion.

      National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP)

      Sophia Dixon

      Dr. Joseph Newirth

      Developing a contemporary TAT which can be used with diverse populations.

      Beth Israel Medical Center

      Rachel Goldman

      Dr. Mark Hilsenroth

      Psychotherapy Integration and Alliance: An Examination Across Treatment Outcomes and the Exploration of Borderline Personality Pathology

      Manhattan Veterans Affairs

      Sarah Jofen-Miller

      Dr. Kate Fiori

      How couples navigate division of labor across the transition to parenthood: Effects on marital wellbeing.

      Beth Israel Medical Center

      Jeffrey Kalman

      Dr. Francine Conway

      ADHD/CD and aggression in African-American and Latino hospitalized children.

      Bronx Psychiatric Center

      Michael Kestenbaum

      Dr. Laura DeRose

      Emotional regulation and social withdrawal in middle childhood and adolescence.

      Bronx Psychiatric Center

      Jennifer Marion

      Dr. Karen Lombardi

      - Subjectivity/identity in transgendered individuals.

      - Conscious and unconscious aspects of women’s participation in consensual sadomasochism

       National Institute for the Psychotherapies

      Deborah Siegel

      Mark Hilsenroth

      Psychotherapy process and outcome, and treatment development for schizophrenia disorders and the prevention of psychosis.

      Columbia University Medical Center

      Jackson Taylor

      Dr. J. Christopher  Muran

      The role of cultural and interpersonal factors in the therapeutic relationship

      Mount Sinai World Trade Center Mental Health Program

      Laura Grace Tittel

      Dr. Larry Josephs

      Marital communication style and empathy

      Bronx Psychiatric Center

      Nell Ugwumba

      Dr. Laura DeRose

      Once a Bully, Always a Bully? Stability and Change in Patterns of Bullying and Victimization during the Transition from Middle School to High School

      Bellevue Hospital Center

      Ljiljana Zecevic

      Dr. Kate Szymanski

      Mental representation of self and others in suicidal individuals.

      Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Third Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship
      Meridith Ambrose Dr. Kate Szymanski Deliberate self-harm, affect regulation, and affect intensity New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (NYPSI)

      Philip Bender

      Dr. Joel Weinberger Unconscious processes, object relationships, implicit prejudice Brooklyn College Personal Counseling

      Sarah Bloch-Elkouby

      Dr. J. Christopher Muran   Psychotherapy outcome and process; treatment failure and deterioration in the course of psychotherapy. Beth Israel POSA and POSC 

      Masha Borovikova


      Dr. Karen Lombardi  Attitudes toward substance use, speaking, silence, etc.  NYU Counselling and Wellness Services 

      Laura Eidlitz

      Dr. Kate Szymanski Impact of Childhood Abuse on Social and Therapeutic Relationships Brooklyn College Personal Counseling

      Emma Forrester

      Dr. Kate Szymanski The effect of trauma integration on language in posttraumatic growth narratives Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services – Henry Ittleson Center

      Jerald Gardner

      Dr. J. Christopher Muran  Time progression of therapy alliance rupture episodes, prodromal and early psychosis, treatment failures St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY 

      Aleksandra Goncharova

      Dr. Lawrence Josephs  Parentified children: symptoms and treatment; personality disorders and romantic relationships Queens College Counseling Center
      Sarah Heilman  Dr. Laura DeRose  Reflective functioning; Infant mental health assessment and intervention. North Shore LIJ-Cohen Children’s Medical Center 

      Catherine Holder

      Dr. Francine Conway Assimilation, Ethnic Identity, and Personality Characteristics of People of Caribbean Descent Queens TASC Mental Health Diversion Program

      Justina K. Dillon

      Dr. Michael O’Loughlin Historical and Intergenerational Trauma still looking

      June Lee Kwon

      Dr. Robert Bornstein   Personality assessment  Institute for Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research

      Saryn Levy

      Dr. Mark Hilsenroth Psychotherapy process and outcome Brooklyn College Personal Counseling

      Vanessa Li

       Dr. Jean Lau Chin Recent Chinese immigrant youth risky behaviors; anti-stigma   

      Olivia Medvedow


      Dr. Lawrence Josephs Casual sexual behavior and personality styles; eating disorders The New School Counseling Services

      Seth Pitman

      Dr. Mark Hilsenroth Psychotherapy process and outcome, Personality assessment Nassau University Medical Center

      Montana Queler

      Dr. Michael O’Loughlin   Psychosis  NYU Counseling and Wellness Services 

      Elizabeth Scholom

       Dr. Joseph Newirth  The subjective experience of children and adolescents in residential treatment; twin subjectivity   Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services- Child Development Center

      Daniel Sims

       Dr. Joseph Newirth Patient and Therapist conceptions of privacy in treatment Brooklyn College Personal Counseling Center 

      Philip Van Zile

      Dr. Karen Lombardi Subjective formation in children. RDTC at Beth Israel/St. Barnabas

      Kirby Weinberg

      Dr. Lawrence Josephs  Impact of personality in romantic relationships

      Authenticity in romantic relationships

      Playing hard to get

       Jacobi Medical Center
  • Second Year Students

    • Name Advisor Research Interests Externship

      Nili Solomonov

      Dr. Jacques Barber The use of therapeutic techniques in psychotherapy; the role of reflective function in the therapeutic process; diversity issues in psychotherapy  Beth Israel- Unit 6-Karpas 

      Kathryn Giuseppone

      Dr. Laura Brumariu The relationship between mother-child attachment and childhood anxiety  Alice Brown Early Learning Center

      Foula Gavrilis

      Dr.  Robert Bornstein Exploring cultural impact on interpersonal dependency Bronx Psychiatric Center

      Carolyn Greenblatt

      Dr. Francine Conway The impact of experiences of discrimination and social support on suicidality and distress among transgender adults St. Albans VA Domiciliary

      Hadley Johnson

      Dr. Karen Lombardi Analyzing pro-ana music to understand the intrapersonal and intragroup dynamics of the pro-ana community. Beth Israel- Adult Inpatient (4 Bernstein)

      Arielle Kahn

      Dr. Jairo Fuertes The physician-patient working alliance and its relation to treatment adherence, satisfaction and outcome.  Beth Israel: Unit 6K, Mixed Adult and Geriatric Inpatient

      Lauren Knopf

      Dr. J. Christopher Muran Emotion regulation, esp. as it relates to social representations; mechanisms of psychotherapy Beth Israel, 6 Karpas (Adult & Geriatric Inpatient)

      Inga Korsgaard

      Dr. Joel Weinberger Social Cognition and fMRI; Spider- phobia; unconscious processes of therapeutic change; Culture and unconscious values  Coney Island Hospital- Psychiatric Inpatient 

      Nadezhda Kuprian

      Dr. Jacques Barber

      Psychotherapy research process and outcome
      Interpersonal problems
      Personality disorders
      Depression and anxiety
      Psychotherapy integration

      Beth Israel Unit 8B 

      Afshan Ladha

      Dr. Jean Lau Chin Delayed gratification and leadership in college students Beth Israel – 6 Karpas Inpatient Unit

      Rena (Racheli) Miller

      Dr. Mark Hilsenroth The relationship between traits of anaclitic and introjective depression and other personality traits St. Albans VA

      Moshe Moeller

      Dr. Carolyn Springer The Husband/Father role, and the father-child dyad in Orthodox Jewish Families Alice Brown Early Learning Center

      Lauren Moy

      Dr. Rebecca Curtis Non-suicidal self-injury (use of NSSI online communities, perceptions of social support, personality factors, motivations) Madonna Heights Group Residence

      Mariela Reyes

      Dr. Jairo Fuertes Mental health Stigma and Mental health disparities among  Latino and Afro- Caribbean populations; Adolescent trauma and substance abuse; Physician-patient relationship   Beth Israel: Unit 6K, Mixed Adult and Geriatric Inpatient

      Maria Schoenhammer

      Dr. Francine Conway Grandparents as primary caregivers to grandchildren-alcohol and substance abuse use among the aging population

      Beth Israel

      ACT Team

      Laura Shiffrin

       Dr. Kate Szymanski Cancer as psychological trauma, intrapersonal factors as predictive of or protective against psychopathology in cancer patients  Beth Israel, Unit 4B

      Rachel Small

      Dr. J. Christopher Muran The therapeutic and supervisory alliances; training of graduate students in clinical psychology; group supervision; relational psychotherapy; treatment adherence  
      Jett Stone   Dr. Lawrence Josephs  Emotional and social dimensions of face perception and romantic attraction; implicit attraction to potentially abusive romantic partners Beth Israel, Unit 3B 
      Erica Tanne Dr.  Robert Bornstein Social rejection and interpersonal dependency. Beth Israel, Unit 6B
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