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Barber, J.P., Barrett, M.S., Gallop, R., Rynn, M.A., & Rickels, K. (2011). Short term dynamic psychotherapy versus pharmacotherapy for major depressive disorder: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 73(1), 66-73.
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Bornstein, R.F., Porcerelli, J.H., Huprich, S.K., Markova, T. (2009). Construct validity of the relationship profile test: Correlates of overdependence, detachment, and healthy dependency in low income urban women seeking medical services. Journal of Personality Assessment, 91(6), 537-544.
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Luhrmann, T.M. (2007). “The street will drive you crazy”: Why homeless psychotic women in the institutional circuit in the United States often say no to offers of help. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 165(1), 15-20.
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Luhrmann, T.M. (2007). Social defeat and the culture of chronicity: Or, why schizophrenia does so well over there and so badly here. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 31, 135 – 172.
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O’Loughlin, M. (1997). Helping poor and working-class children make something of themselves: The contradictions and possibilities of teaching for equity and democracy. Democracy in Education, 12, (1), 30-33.

Polakow, V. (1998). Homeless children and their families: The discards of the postmodern 1990s. In S. Books (Ed.), Invisible children in the society and its schools. Mahwah, New Jersey: Erlbaum.
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Polakow-Suransky, S. (2000). America’s least wanted: Zero-tolerance policies and the fate of expelled students. In V. Polakow (Ed.), The public assault on America’s children: Poverty, violence and injustice. New York: Teacher’s College Press.

Smith, L. (2005). Psychotherapy, classism, and the poor: Conspicuous by their absence. American Psychologist60, 687-696.
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Smith, L. (2010). Psychology, poverty, and the end of social exclusion: Putting our practice to work. A.E. Ivey & D.W. Sue (Eds.). New York, NY: Teacher’s College, Columbia University.
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