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Postgraduate Program in Couple Therapy

Facing challenges for for effective treatment.

The challenges of treating difficult couple cases will be addressed in this workshop. We will emphasize the value of conceptualizing couples as a clinical unit with unique affective and emotional characteristics. Viewing two individuals as elements of a larger system opens possibilities for more effective interventions.

Depending upon the material participants present, some of the questions we will address might be:

  • How do we help a couple develop self-reflective capacity?
  • When do we make interventions addressed toward the couple and when to the individuals in the relationship?
  • How can we maintain optimal therapeutic balance as a couple therapist?


Participants will learn how to view couple relationships as a systemic entity.

Participants will be able to conceptualize a couple’s presenting problem as a symptom of systemic dysregulation in response to challenging developmental events.

Group Leaders

Wendy Greenspun, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in New York City and also works at the Columbia University Counseling Service, where she supervises and teaches couple therapy. She was a member of the Gender Violence Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, and has written and presented extensively on the treatment of violence and abuse in couples and families.

Michael Zentman, Ph.D., is the founding director of the Adelphi Postgraduate Program in Couple Therapy and an associate clinical professor of Psychology in the Adelphi University Postgraduate Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He is on the faculty at the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan. Dr. Zentman has presented workshops on the treatment of chaotic couples, the integration of psychoanalytic and systemic couples theory, and managing infidelity in marital treatment. His publications include articles and chapters on couple therapy and the impact of the Holocaust on the practice of psychoanalysis. He has offices in Manhattan and on Long Island.

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