December 16, 2016
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Eboney Nedd: Blending a Passion for Science and Psychology


by Sally Wadyka

A love of science and a desire to learn tools that would help her help others convinced Eboney Nedd to select the newly launched neuroscience program at Adelphi when it was time to pick a major. “It’s perfect for me because it blends psychology and biology together in a way that allows me to have both an artistic and scientific view.”

img_9920Currently in her junior year, Nedd is taking a full and diverse course load that includes organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology and sociology. But the real gem of her junior year is her participation in the Adelphi Emerging Scholars Program. This unique opportunity pairs psychology undergraduates with full-time professors who share similar research goals and can serve as one-on-one mentors. “After being matched with Professor Dominic Fereri, we came up with a project together and at the end of the year I will present the research at a University conference,” Nedd said. Her project is looking at “loss aversion.” “We’re analyzing how social exclusion can affect someone’s ability to participate in risky decision making,” Nedd explained.

All this study and research is leading Nedd toward her ultimate goal of becoming a neonatal physician’s assistant—a job in which she can put both her science and psychology backgrounds to work. “I want to help patients and their families without just going into scientific mode,” she said. “I want to be able to read their body language and explain what’s going on in a way that’s comforting and builds trust.” When her older sister’s daughter was born prematurely, Nedd witnessed firsthand how traumatic time in the neonatal ICU could be. “It’s a delicate time, and I want to provide comfort and care during that high-risk journey.”

While the promise of majoring in neuroscience initially drew Nedd to Adelphi, the atmosphere on campus sealed the deal. “The minute you step foot on campus, it instantly wraps you up,” she said. “I love the safety and sense of community I found here.” The professors, she said, are an integral part of that community and also what sets Adelphi apart from other schools. “Here I’m able to have one-on-one connections with my professors,” Nedd said. “Unlike larger schools where you are one of hundreds in a class, the professors at Adelphi know my name—I’m never just a number.”

Tagged: Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University
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