December 22, 2016
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Alumni Pride: Contribute to Derner’s Alumni Collection

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by Carolida Steiner (Ph.D. ‘77), Chairperson, Derner Ph.D. Alumni Chapter

I began the doctoral program back in 1972, and in the years following graduation in 1977, I always thought of myself as “an Adelphi person.” A few years ago, following a long absence, I reconnected with Derner and reignited my alumni pride. One thing led to another, and now I find myself writing the alumni column for Day Residue!

I tried to reconnect with all my classmates, and I ended up speaking to Bill Levin, who mentioned that he had written a book. I felt such joy in his accomplishment. While Bill and his family live in Illinois I couldn’t shake the feeling that his book should have a home on campus here in Garden City.

To make a long story short, I dropped in on Associate Professor David Ranzan, Adelphi University’s Archivist and Special Collections Librarian. The result of our meeting became the Derner Alumni Collection. This compilation is the newest of more than 40 Special Collections in Adelphi’s Swirbul library. Here’s how David explains the project:

“The Derner Alumni Collection has been established to showcase the tremendous accomplishments of the alumni of the Derner Institute… As the collection grows, it will serve as a testament to the legacy of Gordon Derner, his philosophy and teaching. It will be a repository of new and ground-breaking scholarship in the field of clinical psychology.”

derner-alumni-library-collectionAdelphi maintains a copy of all our doctoral dissertations, but this new collection offers Derner alums a means to alert friends and colleagues to their scholarly achievements since graduation.

Since the collection’s launch in September 2015, five donors have contributed over 25 items. Besides William S. Levin (Ph.D. ‘77), they are Paul Hymowitz, another of my wonderful classmates (Ph.D. ‘77), Beverly A. Greene (Ph.D. ‘83), Carol Lindemann Abend (Ph.D. ‘70) and Marvin Eisenstadt (Ph.D. ‘64). In recognition of this collective achievement, a special exhibit will be held at Swirbul Library next spring.

Have you written a book, a book chapter, or an article  in a peer-reviewed journal? If so, please donate a copy to this collection. If you make the donation by December 31, 2016, it will be included in the special exhibit. For more information please contact Carolida Steiner.

Published Fall 2016 in Day Residue, the Derner Institute Doctoral Student Newsletter
Tagged: Derner School of Psychology, Day Residue