Who We Are

We cleared the path for university-based studies in psychology. 

The Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology is grounded in Adelphi’s doctoral programs in clinical psychology. Accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1957, these programs were recognized as forerunners in the field. 

Initially known as the Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, it functioned as a graduate department of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences until 1972, when it became the nation’s first university-based professional school of psychology. And now, Derner has emerged as an internationally recognized leader in psychology-related disciplines. Our emphasis is providing a rigorous, empirically informed education, preparing students to be lifelong learners and well-trained professionals.

Commitment to Racial/Ethnic Minority Students

Special care is taken to recruit quality students from racial and ethnic minority groups and provide financial assistance for them. A Derner School of Psychology-supported minority student organization participates in recruitment of faculty and students, selection of students, planning of special programs and minority student orientation and advisement.

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