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Video of Dr. Bornstein and Dr. Haggerty

The NIMH Funds a Testing Revolution

Working together, Derner students, faculty and alumni are changing the field of psychology

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Undergraduate Degrees

Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and the Minor in Psychology programs provide you with the knowledge for a firm foundation in the discipline. Undergraduate students have access to a wide range of resources and research opportunities.

Master's Degrees

At the Derner Institute, we ensure that our Master's Degree Programs address the current and future needs of society, and we foster the critical reasoning skills and empathy in our students that are critical for success in psychology.

Doctoral and Advanced Study

Students in our Doctoral Psychology Program integrate research, theory and clinical practice. Broaden your expertise with our Respecialization in Clinical Psychology or Postgraduate and Advanced Certificates in a variety of specialties.
Alumni Profile

Deseree Wiltshire ’04, M.A. ’05

Wiltshire is assistant director for ACMH’s young adult population. This is the first time in ACMH history that the agency is focusing in on this specific age group.

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